Trace (2015) Movie

Nov 11th 2015

Starring Jerod MeagherMike CapozziNick FinkPatrick Giraudi
Directed by Ryan Brookhart
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Ryan Brookhart is bringing us a new supernatural film titled Trace (2015). The movie is more of a demon movie with a powerful demon entering our world because a group of friends experimenting with EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon). Cast in Trace is Jeremiah BenjaminMike Capozzi, and Nick Fink.


A group of friends experimenting with EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) accidentally open a doorway allowing a powerful demon to enter our world.
Cast: Jerod MeagherMike Capozzi,Nick FinkPatrick GiraudiSamantha LeeMaddie McGuireHerion MustafarajJesse PepeAugust Roads,Sam ValentineJeremiah Benjamin
Directors: Ryan Brookhart
Genres: Horror
Year: 2015
Runtime: 90
Writers: Ryan Brookhart
Producers: Joe Dain, Miles Fineburg, Jim Klock, Peter Schafer
Musicians: Max Mueller
Cinematographers: Matt Sweeney
Editors: Brad Geiszler