Terror Films Set To Re-Release Adam Robitel’s THE TAKING OF DEBORAH LOGAN

Sep 9th 2019

SHUDDER recently announced their September line up and among the titles listed were two films from indie genre distributor TERROR FILMS. The two films included: the highly anticipated Hell House LLC III: Lake of Fire, plus a fan and critic favorite that seemed to have all but disappeared from digital platforms – Adam Robitel’s award-winning feature debut, The Taking of Deborah Logan.


The Taking of Deborah Logan was initially released theatrically overseas in 2014. Yet, the film had almost no exposure on U.S. digital and streaming platforms beyond Netflix. This title ended its run on this platform in 2016. TERROR FILMS, however, intends to release the film wide across multiple digital platforms this fall.

The Taking of Deborah Logan has a well-renowned cast and has won multiple awards...