Nov 11th 2015
Dread World

Written and Directed by Ryan Brookhart, Trace dives into the heart of Electronic Voice Phenomena or EVP and what happens when you dig too deep. The film hit DVD and Red Box late in October and is now available via Terror Films on all the usual VOD Platforms including iTunes, VUDU, and various cable providers. If supernatural demon hunting/haunting films are your thing, check out the poster, synopsis, trailer, and some stills below:

"The film centers on a group of friends, Nick (Nick Fink - Ghost Squad) and his studio partner, Duffy (Augusta Roads - Loserville). One night at a party Duffy convinces everyone to go to their home studio and experiment with trace phenomena - a form of EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena). One by one friends begin dying and soon they realize that they have accidentally opened the door to a horrific realm. It's a race against time and supernatural forces to sever the transmission in order to save themselves and prevent a powerful demon from entering our world."

Along with Fink and Roads, the film also stars Jesse Pepe, Maddie McGuire, Samantha Lee, Sam Valentine, and Jerod Meagher. Writer/director Brookart says of Trace: "I feel Trace, taken on the merits of what's usually offered in the low budget horror genre, defies a lot of convention. Ans that's it's biggest strength."