Savageland (Review)

Mar 2nd 2017

On one single day, a small Arizona town on the border to Mexico is totally wiped out - safe for one man, Francisco Salazar (Noe Montes), a Mexican who has been living in the neighbourhood for seven years, mainly doing odd jobs for all the locals and being quite popular in the neighbourhood - but of course, him also being an illegal immigrant, suspicion falls upon him, and even though quite a bit of the evidence (like bitemarks on several of the victims' bodies not matching his teeth) is found that doesn't corroborate his guilt, the local Sheriff (George Lincoln Savage) is just too happy to have an open and shut case without having to go too deep into things that are mainly disturbing and unexplainable, plus arresting an illegal alien is always good for one's popularity with the locals - and thus he gets elected Sheriff again the next year with a record margin.