REVIEW: “Patient Seven” Explores All The Sub-Genres In Horror

Oct 17th 2016
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2015 offered horror fans so many little snacky cakes with the trend of anthology films. 2016 has had a few popular ones but none like the latest from Terror FilmsPatient Seven.

Director Danny Draven guides the overall story as 8 other directors join him for terrifying and chilling segments. Joining Draven is Paul Davis, Omar Orn Hauksson, Dean Hewison, Joel Morgan, Johannes Persson, Nicholas Peterson, Erlingur Thoroddsen, and Rasmus Wassberg. Together they tell the following tale:

Dr. Marcus, a renowned psychiatrist who has selected 6 severe mentally ill and dangerous patients from the Spring Valley Mental Hospital to interview as part of research for his new book. As Dr. Marcus interviews each patient, one by one the horrors they have committed begin to unfold.

Told as an anthology film, each patients tale is a stand alone little film. The intriguing aspect is the vast amount of sub-genres each film hits. We have possession stories, to zombies, to vampires and everything in between. No matter what kind of horror fan you are, Patient Seven offers an awesome outlet. The variety in style creates a unique story telling technique that all horror fans will gravitate towards.

The film centers around Michael Ironside‘s character and he is flawless in his performance as always. All the patients were amazing in their performances as well. Each character different from the last with their own quirks and personality. Within each story there were stand out performances as well. Top of the list is Alfie Allen who is a serial killer on the night of Halloween. The person brought to life is creepy and obscure all in the right ways. Amy Smart even makes an appearance in one of the stories. The cast list is incredibly long and would take up the entire article to discuss all the amazing people involved.


Along with all the different stories, came different directors which each provided their own sense and style. No one is better than another. The quality of each story in Patient Seven is superb while individually the directors creativity was able to shine through. Their choice of camera work and locations are stand out elements in each story. We travel the world along with the genre of horror.

It may seem easier to come up with a film with a bunch of brilliant minds on it, but in actuality it is quite difficult. Patient Seven flawlessly combines a ton of minds within the horror genre creating a fun and scary story which horror fans of all kinds can come together and celebrate the genre.

Terror Films has launched Patient Seven is now available through all VoD platforms including iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and YouTube.

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