The Last Possession trailer: Coming to the Terror Films Channel in March

Feb 25th 2022
Director Dan Riddle’s horror film The Last Possession is coming to the Terror Films Channel on March 4th, with a digital and VOD release to follow on March 11th. In anticipation of this release, we’ve gotten our hands on the film’s trailer, and you can check it out in the embed above!
Written by Greg Shouse, The Last Possession tells the following story:
Out of options after a foreclosure, Kent Peroni is forced to move his wife, Stephanie, nine-year old son, Jack, and six-year-old daughter, Gabby into the home where his estranged father committed suicide years ago. Once there, the young family begins to notice strange events around the house, which become so terrifying they finally turn to a medium. Spirit guide, Granny Inez arrives, hoping to cleanse the home for Kent’s family, only to learn they’re horrifyingly wrong about the nature of the evil that surrounds them.