The Last Possession (2022) Review

Feb 28th 2022
Voices from the Balcony
As The Last Possession opens financial problems have forced Kent Peroni (Stephen Brodie, Baphomet, Companion), his wife Stephanie (Cassie Shea Watson, Ghost Note, Feast II: Sloppy Seconds) and their two kids Jack (Sawyer Bell, Kill or Be Killed, Daylight’s End) and Gabby (Lourelle Jensen) to move into the house Kent’s father Roger (Tom Proctor, The Devil Below, Obsidian) left him. Roger was a violent drunk up until the day he killed himself and going back there is the last thing Kent wants.
It doesn’t help that they’ve barely moved in when an earthquake rattles the area and opens up a strange hole in the backyard. It doesn’t take long before more strange things start happening and Gabby is seeing her grandfather’s ghost.
Writer Greg Shouse (Low Rollers, Technically Crazy) and director Dan Riddle (Technically Crazy) start The Last Possession off like a typical haunted house film. A family under stress, a house full of bad memories, strange occurrences first centred around the kids then the adults, everything you would expect from a film like this.