Horror Fans Can Trace this Signal to RedBox and Video-On-Demand

Nov 11th 2015

Terror Films has recently released Trace. This horror title deals with a signal, that reaches another ghostly world, thanks to Electronic Voice Phenomena. This title is available at Redbox locations and on several Video-on-demand formats, including iTunes and Vudu. As well, the film stars Nick Fink and August Roads. An official trailer for Trace is hosted here, along with further release details.

In the story, Nick (Fink) and Duffy (Roads) use their sound equipment, at a late night party. But, they use it in a very different way. Now, a spirit has been summoned from another world and it wants to gain entry into a more physical one. 

This is director Ryan Brookhart's first film. Also, Trace was developed by producers Joe Dain, Jim Klock and Miles Fineburg. Brookhart says of the film's release "I feel Trace, taken on the merits of what's usually offered in the low-budget horror genre, defies a lot of convention. And that's its biggest strength." Now, fans of independent horror can view the film for themselves!

Release Date: October 27th, 2015 (Redbox) and November 3rd, 2015 (Video-on-demand).

Director: Ryan Brookhart.

Cast: Nick Fink, August Roads, Jesse Pepe, Maddie McGuire, Samantha Lee, Sam Valentine, Jerod Meagher, Mike Capozzi, Jeremiah Benjamin and Herion Mustafaraj.