Check Out The New Clip From TRACE

Oct 21st 2015

One night at a party a group of friends led by Duffy (August Roads – Faking It, Loserville) and his music studio partner, Nick (Nick Fink –Glee, Ghost Squad) experiment with trace phenomena – a form of EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena). One by one the friends begin dying and soon realize they accidently opened a door to a horrific realm. It’s a race against time and supernatural forces to sever the transmission in order to save themselves and prevent a powerful demon from entering our world.

TRACE was written and directed by Ryan Brookhart. The film stars Nick Fink, August Roads, Maddie McGuire, Jesse Pepe, Samantha Lee, Sam Valentine, Jerod Meagher, Mike Capozzi with Herion Mustafaraj and Jeremiah Benjamin. It was produced by Joe Dain, Jim Klock, and Miles Fineburg and executive produced by Peter Schafer. TRACE was an official Selection at the NOLA Horror Film Festival. It has a running time of 90 minutes. Terror Films will release TRACE exclusively on Redbox on October 27 and will be available on all digital platforms on November 3.