‘The Drifter’ is Dark, Disturbing and Thick with Tension (Review)

Jun 6th 2017

‘The Drifter’ is Dark, Disturbing and Thick with Tension (Review)

Posted on June 6, 2017 

Directed by: Craig Calamis

Cast: Christopher Lee Gibson, Bruce Jarman, Amanda Powell

Within a matter of minutes we realize that The Drifter is going to ride a car of ambiguity. The film feels as though it has been designed to force viewers into closely studying the picture’s primary characters. And it doesn’t rely on the standard formula of introduce characters; introduce conflict; resolve conflict. No, this movie feels like a conflict from the get-go, and that’s the unique aura that surrounds leading man Christopher Lee Gibson and his mysterious nature. He’s a big question mark, and wherever he goes he sprouts more question marks than answers.

Slowly we follow this drifter as he attempts to outrun his own dark side. And his dark side is pitch black, to put it lightly. The more road covered, the more stops made, the deeper the man spirals into a state of insanity that one simply is not likely to return from.